kali09swagg said: All I ask is you checkout my tumblr and check me out on YouTube too I just started but I do video blogs on bringing real Hip-hop back and education and positivity, just look for support you were one of my inspirations cause I act just as crazy and I'm from the Bay too. Thanx chica Xoxo Kali

Im a lady of my work and i will definitely check you out ! Thanks for the love Kali, i appreciate it =)

thatchickvivi said: Can you upload more random dancing videos on youtube one timee please??

If i make any new videos soon i definitely will ! I started college so it takes up most of my time haha. Plus i need to invest in a new video camera. Soooo expensive.

livelove-wiz said: I Love Your Videos Indy ^_^ Ima Huge Fan Of Yours :) GET IT INDY !

Aww thanks for the love =)

alii-bedope said: Omgg , your a sick ass dancerr ^_^ All about that weirdness and shitt like me loolx . You original thouu and like , follow me please ? ((: And you should come dwn to Jamaica too , WILD partiess believe me ! Lolx hmuuu (:

You live in Jamaica? Thats awesome i have only been once ! But u wull def check it out one day. And thanks for the love mamas !

tylerxtaughtyou said: Do you guys out in Cali play reggae music at your parties? Or is it just straight booty music? LOL

At the parties its straight booty music lol but at the clubs its a mixture of everything.


Dancing to “Gas Pedal” by Sage the Gemini ft Iamsu (by FunnSizeIndy)

ashajaneee said: Can we party one time!?

Hahaha anytime girl.

steel-aiko said: Umm is club teen active still open and where in farfeild is it in cuz me nd ma friends gna need sumwhere to b for da summer

Yeah Club Teen Active is still happening. There will be more events in the summer. The venue changes each event.

Questions to my 8 Ball =) (by FunnSizeIndy)

More TWERK SONGS =) (by FunnSizeIndy)

Slow Down Dance, The J12 (GET IT INDY !) (by FunnSizeIndy)

Me and another of my crazy videos =)

lemonadespice said: Hey Indy I'm Keyla and my homegirls and I are trying to get recognized on YouTube like you and i was wondering what advice can you give me and what did you do to get where you are? our channel is usfourtv

Yeah i saw and loved your videos ! Especially the one with the grandmas. Just promote like crazy over every social networking site possible. And make sure the video itself is attracting and makes others want to advertise for you . You guys have it though. Goodluck =)

steel-aiko said: so wsp im lola nd i saw ur youtube u had me rolln nd u frm the bay so u kno how to function u hella kno wsp

Hahahaaa thank you for the love Lola =)